About CreativeGirlNYC (aka Jenny)

Hi! I thought it would be fun to keep track and share my various creative projects.  From sewing projects to my custom Bummer Bears, I’ll post my projects, include instructions where possible and include photos of the process for some of them.

I work in the fashion world — started out as a patternmaker/draper for Anna Sui, became a Sr. Technical Designer at Tommy Hilfiger and later at Banana Republic. Then I used my interest in computers and training to segue into the IT dept at Gap, Inc.  Since my IT job isn’t very creative, I find my creative outlet in all my projects that I do after work and on the weekends.  I also enjoy sharing what I’m working on so this blog will be my place to post the progress on my projects!

UPDATE (May 2018):  I decided to retire early/young and just spend my days doing creative things.  So no more Gap, Inc. job, no more commuting, no more 9-5 work.  It’s fabulous!!!

Upcoming or In-Progress Projects:

  • Bespoke sandals for myself. . . all of the leather uppers are complete, just need to put the pieces (upper, midsole, sole) together and apply the buckle.
  • Pants/shorts sloper for myself.
  • Begin building a custom alterations and sewing business again, but this time in my new home of Philadelphia.

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