The dress is done!

I finished the polka-dot dress tonight and I’m pleased with the final results. Instead  of a normal hem, I decided that I’d add a bias trim along the curved hem, in the same binding that I used on the armholes and neckline.

The bodice has both a bust dart and a French dart (that starts in the side seam and angles up toward the bust. (That was needed both because of the big boobs and because I originally made the width of the dress too wide and had to take everything in for a better fit. That’s what happens when you don’t make a muslin! Ha ha)

This is the first time I’ve made a V-neck anything, which is odd since I own a lot of v-neck styles and like them and I make a LOT of my own tops and dresses, but they are always crew-neck shapes or cowl necklines.

This fabric is from my favorite store here in NYC, MOOD FABRICS. Love them!! If you don’t live in NYC you can still access their amazing collection of fabrics through their website. I only bought 2 yards of the polka-dot fabric and I had more than enough for this dress and all of the bias trim I made. Fabric was $16/yd, in case anyone was interested, so the dress cost me $32 in materials. (I didn’t end up needing a zipper in the center back seam since the v-neck made the dress easy to slip on over my head.)

I enjoyed making this dress and now that I have corrected my pattern (based on my adjustments made while Constructing and fitting it), I’ll probably make another one. I might even widen the shoulders and add a cute sleeve for an alternate style. 🙂

— Jenny


2 thoughts on “The dress is done!

  1. Thanks! Just keep sewing, make lots of different stuff or a bunch of the same thing with variations (vary the hem finishings, trim details, closures, zippers, elastic, with darts, without darts, etc.) and you’ll get there!

    For example, I created this dress pattern from a sleeveless, A-line top pattern that I made earlier this year. I made 3 of those tops in different fabrics with different armhole & neckline finishes (some had facings, others had bindings, one had a center back zipper and another had a keyhole opening with a button at the center back). Each time I made the top I revised the pattern to improve the fit and the style (lowered the bust dart, dropped the front neckline a bit, etc.). By the 3rd version of the top I had the “perfect” version for me. (That’s the one I used as the bodice for this dress pattern.)

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