In Progress Pics

Here’s a pic of the dress I’m working on. Drafted the pattern from a sleeveless swing top pattern  I made a few months ago.

I still have to cut a V-nk shape at the neck, then I can add the ruffle trims…still to cut out!


And here’s a picture of the new shoes in their almost-finished state. The heels are TOUGH to create. The soles have been attached but my cork fill to even out the heel area before applying the actual leather heel pieces isn’t going so well.  Next time…flat shoes! Ha ha




Back to being creative!

Okay, it’s been quite a while – more than a year, in fact — since my last post.

My current projects are, as usual, varied! Here’s what I’m currently working on:

  • Shoemaking: My first pair of oxford-style 2 1/2″-heel shoes are nearly complete.  The HEELS are the toughest part.  I’ve attempted the stack build twice so far, and have ripped them off because they didn’t look right.  I think this weekend I may go for the 3rd and, if I’m lucky, the last attempt so that I can finally remove them from the last and try them on.   Here’s a picture of them in the stage before I added the leather soles:

    Later I’ll post a picture of them with the soles applied — they are at that stage now, I just don’t have a picture handy.

  • Piano playing: I heard a song in two different movie/tv trailers that I just loved.  After hearing it at the movies on 3 different occasions I finally kept my phone out during the trailers and Shazam’d it, and VOILA! I found out the name of the song is “Mad World”, originally recorded by Tears for Fears. So I went online and got the sheet music.  It’s really a lovely, slow song.  Since my piano playing is best with slow songs, this was perfect!  I’ve been working on the fingering which has been going well — 2 of the 3 pages completed.  I’ll be playing it fully in no time at all now.  I might even unplug the headphones from my piano so I can hear it outloud!
  • Sewing (In-Progress): I drafted the pattern for a cute sleeveless dress, with a tall-ruffle bottom piece and a polka-dot fabric that has black with white dots on one side, and white with black dots on the other side.  As anyone who works with print/pattern fabric knows, it’s rare to have the pattern on BOTH sides of the fabric — so this was a real find! It currently has a crew-neck style, but before I’m done it’s going to be converted to a V-neck with a layered-ruffle trim.  That should compliment the bottom ruffle. Pics coming soon!
  • Sewing (Planning stage): After seeing just about every woman at work (Gap, Inc.) wearing the new off-the-shoulder tops, I (of course!) decided I should make my own version.  I found some cute pics for inspiration on Pinterest and in various mags, so I’ll draft a pattern for it (not that it needs much. . . a rectangle for the body and smaller rectangles for the sleeves. . . with an armhole shape in both to match up) and whip it up pretty quickly.  Big decision is. . . which fabric to use.  Should it be a more light-weight, drapey fabric, or something stiffer or more structured?  Still deciding. There’s always something pretty in my fabric stash to pull from.  I’m thinking that if it works out, these could make great Christmas gifts for family members. 🙂

I’ll be posting pics to go along with these once they are finished.  Stay tuned. . .