The new winter coat project

I’ve started back up working on my winter coat. I gave up on it last fall after I finished sewing most of the coat together and found that the Thinsulate lining I had added for warmth made me look like the Pillsbury Doughboy! I had to take the entire thing apart and remove all of the too-puffy material. (Oh yes, that would be after I hand-basted every piece together before sewing!).

I used Vogue pattern #8626 as my starting point but altered a few design details;

  • changed the collar to a very tall (and hopefully warm) stand-up style
  • and lowered the back empire seam to be at the waistline
  • added a belt at the waist

The fabric is a very soft wool in black and I added a shocking-pink lining. To give it some “pop”! Here’s a photo of the pink lining and the facing…getting ready for its pressing.


I’ve just got a few steps remaining:

  • finish pressing up the hem
  • hand-stitching the lining along the hem
  • adding buttonholes
  • sewing on the buttons
  • making the belt

I’ll post the finished pics later this weekend.


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