Over(ly) easy pin-cushion

I stumbled on this tutorial to create a pin-cushion shaped like an over-easy egg.  LOVE IT !  It was extremely easy to make.  I did it all by hand, but you could have done parts of it with a machine to speed things up.

Here’s the link to the blog of Speckless where I found the very clear and detailed tutorial:


This was SO easy (?) to make. (See my version below.)  The white part of the egg was also supposed to be stuffed, but I forgot to do that and I was already done with all the edge stitching on the white so I left it without the extra stuffing.  The yolk is stuffed and it holds the pins nicely.

This would make a cute gift for any of your sewing friends or family.

Pin cushion in egg shape.

Pin cushion in egg shape.