Weekends mean more creative time!

The long holiday weekend means there’s more time for creative projects. Yeah!!

I read a blog post on Zite about making your own pouches for misc. items (I can’t remember at the moment whose blog it was — I’ll look and post it here later.)

I had some cute graphic fabric — black and white fashion dressforms.  I made the first one, about 4″ x 3 1/2″ with a zipper closure. It’s lined in white cotton/poly with an interlining of batting.

Three layers that make up the pouch; lining, batting and outer fabric

Three layers of the pouch

The batting was used to make a quilted appearance when I topstitched the outline of each dress form for texture. (If you look closely you will see the white stitching along the outer curved edges of each dress form on the fabric.)

Dressform images with white topstitching along the curved edges.

The three layers with topstitching along the graphic dress form curves.

Here’s the finished product:

finished pouch with zippered opening

The finished pouch with an off-set zipper closure.

Next up…the larger pouches using the same fabric. I may move the zipper closure to the TOP edge for easier access to the contents.

These pouches are great for carrying items in your purse (or in my case, my backpack!) and with multiple pouches that all match it makes for a nice set of organizing tools for your bag.


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