Larger Zippered Pouch (with photos and steps)

I finished the larger zippered pouch!  I really liked the way it turned out.

I referred to the tutorial from “Dog Under My Desk” blog ( for inspiration and for a few steps. Check it out if you need more steps than I’m going to include below.

As I mentioned in my first post about the smaller zippered pouch, I started with 3 layers (graphic fabric for the outer layer, a white cotton/poly for the lining layer, and some cotton batting for the padding that was sandwiched between the other 2 layers).  You treat them all as ONE piece as you are working.

The 3 layers (top = main fabric, middle = batting, bottom = white lining).

I quilted the 3 layers together by outlining each of the individual dress form images with a basic straight stitch on the sewing machine, curving around the edges. (I used white thread so the stitching isn’t really visible from this distance, but it produced a sort of puffy dimension on each dress form image.)

This is the front side of the quilted layers. I stitched around the outline of each of the dress form figures on the fabric.

Here’s what it looked like on the back side (the lining side):

This is the backside of the quilted piece. Notice each little dress form shape.

Once the layers were quilted I moved on to the zipper insertion.  I used a much longer zipper than needed — it’s easier to trim the excess when you are done. I finger-pressed the layers flat after applying the zipper and top-stitched about 1/8″ from the seam between the layers and the zipper tape. This keeps the fabric flat and ensures that the zipper doesn’t get caught when zipping & un-zipping the pouch.

Here’s a view with the first half of the zipper sewn to the edge of the quilted 3-layered piece.

This is the folding of the fabric to create the wrist strap.

The strip was about 4″ wide and 12″ long (I just ball-parked a reasonable length). I folded it in half length-wise to mark the center, then each side was folded in so that the cut edges were along the center fold-line.  Then the two edges that are on the outside (which are folded edges and are therefore clean-finished) are folded again lengthwise so that the folded edges align and the inside raw edges are hidden inside.

Here’s what the strip looked like after I finished folding it:

This is the wrist strap folded in fourths (length-wise). I have a few pins stuck in at points in preparation for sewing the edges together.

Topstitch the entire wrist strap just inside the edges all around. (Imagine the strip is a long belt loop that has edgestitching all around it. If you’re not sure what that looks like, take a peek at your belt loops on a pair of jeans, they are usually edgestitched all around also).

Here’s what the edgestitching looked like when I was done:

The wrist strap piece with edgestitching all around.

It was not necessary to stitch the very ends of the wrist strap since they are tucked into the seams when the pouch is put together.

Once the zipper has been inserted into the pouch, I turned the pouch inside-out and I slipped the new wrist strap piece inside with just the unfinished ends sticking out, at the same position as the zipper pull end.

Then I just stitched along each short side of the pouch, securing all layers together.  I stitched, back-stitched, and stitched again when I was over the zipper to give it a bit more strength along those points since they will get a bit of stress/tension.

I trimmed off the edges of the zipper.  IMPORTANT: make sure your zipper pull is somewhere near the center of the bag, otherwise you might clip off the part of the zipper with the pull and you’ll have a rather useless zipper…no pull, no zipper function!

Zipper has been applied, excess length of zipper trimmed and sides of the pouch sewn up.

I clipped the corners to help the corner points lie flat once I turned the pouch right side out.

Here’s the finished pouch:

The finished pouch (zipper opened)

Here’s another view of the pouch, in front of my sewing machine:

The finished pouch.

The dimensions of the finished zippered pouch was about 7″ tall x 8 1/2″ wide.

I left out some of the details in my steps since Erin’s tutorial has some great close-up pics and explanations.

If you have any questions about this little project, feel free to ask.  I’d be happy to explain any step or detail.

Thanks for dropping by!



Weekends mean more creative time!

The long holiday weekend means there’s more time for creative projects. Yeah!!

I read a blog post on Zite about making your own pouches for misc. items (I can’t remember at the moment whose blog it was — I’ll look and post it here later.)

I had some cute graphic fabric — black and white fashion dressforms.  I made the first one, about 4″ x 3 1/2″ with a zipper closure. It’s lined in white cotton/poly with an interlining of batting.

Three layers that make up the pouch; lining, batting and outer fabric

Three layers of the pouch

The batting was used to make a quilted appearance when I topstitched the outline of each dress form for texture. (If you look closely you will see the white stitching along the outer curved edges of each dress form on the fabric.)

Dressform images with white topstitching along the curved edges.

The three layers with topstitching along the graphic dress form curves.

Here’s the finished product:

finished pouch with zippered opening

The finished pouch with an off-set zipper closure.

Next up…the larger pouches using the same fabric. I may move the zipper closure to the TOP edge for easier access to the contents.

These pouches are great for carrying items in your purse (or in my case, my backpack!) and with multiple pouches that all match it makes for a nice set of organizing tools for your bag.